Best Car Camping Mattress For Couples

Exped Megamat Duo 10 Best Car Camping Mattress For Couples

Car camping is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It is even better as a couple. It might seem like a challenging outdoor activity but with the best car camping mattress for couples everything is just splendid.

How to sleep and how to get comfortable should not worry you because there are very unique mattresses for car campers. If one can shower while car camping of course they can sleep as well.

I would like you to forget about your comfortable space at home and enjoy every bit by having phenomenal nights outside through some of the mattresses I have used with my wife.

Here are some factors that one should consider when choosing a car camping mattress.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Car Camping Mattress For Couples

  • Size – There are different sizes of mattresses i.e. Twin, Double, Queen and King Size. All these sizes are determined by size of the tent and storage space. Couples who want a large mattress should opt for Queen or King size. However, a double (duo) mattress is okay for most couples.
  • R-value- The R-value of most camping mattresses, which are mostly air mattresses, ranges from 1.0-10.0. The higher the value, the better the heat flow resistance. The insulation helps to prevent one from the cold ground or sweating during high temperatures.
  • Material- Different mattresses are made from different materials. Air mattresses are made using TPU ( thermoplastic polyurethane) or  PVC (polyvinyl chloride),both materials are durable and provide varying levels of durability based on usage. TPU mattresses are commonly used because they are more environment friendly, odorless and can be recycled.PVC too is unique in its own way because it is a waterproof
  • Inflating mechanism – Different mattresses vary in the type of mechanism to be used while inflating air. Some of these mechanism include self-inflating, electric pump, battery operated pump, rechargeable battery pump foot pump etc.
  • Comfort- despite all the other factors comfort should also be a key factor to consider. A comfortable mattress helps you in supporting your whole body to lay softly and one can sleep with either front back, or side. However it is important to spend time and money and get a good mattress

Comparison Table For The Best Car Camping Mattresses

Exped Megamat Duo Self Inflating With PumpPolyester with TPU laminate 22 x 11 dia77.6 x 52 x 3.9 "9
Light Speed Air MattressBest Car Camping Mattress for CouplesBattery Operated PumpTPU18.4”X9.2”79”X55”X6.25”6
Nemo RoamerNemo Roamer Sleeping PadSelf-inflating open-cell foam50D stretch fabric12.5-by-8.5 dia76x25x4 (multiplied by 2)3.9 (multiplied by 2)
ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air MattressALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air MattressRechargeable  Electric PumpTPU18.5”X8.5”80”X56”X6”4
Coleman Air MattressBattery Operated PumpPVC10”x21”78”x60”x1818
Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Camper DuoNeo Air Mini PumpPolyester5.5”x14”77”x50”x3”3.8

Best Car Camping Mattresses For Couples

1. Exped Megamat Duo 10  – Ultimate Best 

After many hours camping in our car with my wife, the Exped Megamat Duo emerged as the ultimate best car camping mattress for couples. We recommend Exped Megamat Duo 10 if you want to have a breathtaking camping experience.

It measures 77.6 x 52 x 3.9 inches in size which is more than sufficient for two adults. It has has memory foam below the cover which makes it feel like is not sleeping on regular wobbly air mattress. It is flat and comfortable for car camping and other types of camping.

It has 3D construction welded seams that provides fully support from edge to edge and surface making it more comfortable. It is well insulated making it more suitable for car camping and other types of camping.

An R value of 8.1 is quite impressive and very favorable for adventures during cold seasons, insulation protects you from cold surface of the vehicle or any other ground.

It also has an intake valve that has a built in flap that helps to prevent air from escaping while inflating and deflation valve that lets air out. Inflating is way much easier but simpler using its mini pump.


  • Well insulated
  • Very spacious for two people
  • Ample cushioning
  • Soft fabric and memory foam, so comfortable
  • Easy to fold and carry


  • Expensive and a little heavy
  • Huge pack, takes more space when storing.

2. Light Speed Outdoor Air Mattress – PVC Free

This is a very relaxing, comfortable backpacking mattress .It is very perfect for car campers, travelers and also can be used at home when one has many guests.

Best Car Camping Mattress for CouplesLight speed mattress is made using TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) layered polyester .The material is very light and lasts longer and it is prone to stretching.

Most importantly this mattress has a patented stabilizing system to minimize bounce and helps to distribute weight evenly throughout the night.

You should not worry how to inflate and deflate this mattress it has a Boston two-way valve that has two caps one is for inflating and the other for deflating.

When inflated the mattress conform into a desirable firmness and provides a good space for rest with your loved one. It is one of the best car camping air mattress for couples.


  • Odorless TPU.
  • Very easy to inflate using the Boston valve.
  • Easy to carry along and to store since it has a bag.


  • Does not have enough insulating properties thus it can’t protect you from the ground cold.
  • Achieving the steadiness of the mattress is quite a task.

3. Nemo Roamer – Self Inflating Option

Majority of car camping mattresses are a bit bulky, this is where Nemo Roamer comes in and offers something easier to pack and transport.

It is not a duo mattress but it comes in two sizes which include the 30 by 80 inches (Extra Wide, Extra Long) and the 25 by 76 inches (Long Wide) versions. The two are 4 inches thick.

To create a camping mattress for couples from the Nemo Roamer you just join two of them using their unique coupling system. This was found to be seamless because of their toggle system without living a path.

For two average adults, I recommend two 76 by 25 mattresses joined together. Each weighs just 3.9 lbs and packs to 12.5 by 8.5 inch only when rolled.

Did I say it is self inflating? Yes it is and thus no pump is required. In addition it has a quick release valve which allows air to be expelled easily after camping.

A Nemo Roamer vs Exped Megamat comparison revealed that two long wide roamers are bigger and better than one Exped Megamat. However, the two are slightly more expensive than one Exped with a difference of about 100 bucks.

In terms of weight, the pair Roamers is 1.2 lbs less than the big MegaMat Duo. The two Roamers also occupy lesser space than the Megamat Duo. When separated, the Roamers are very easy to pack.

Nemo Roamer Sleeping PadPros

  • Light and less bulky
  • Self Inflating
  • Comfortable


  • Needs to be joined for couples
  • A pair costs slightly more

4. ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Mattress -Has Car Adapter Pump

This mattress is made of durable PVC, comes with a bag for storage and transportation. It can be used in an outdoor activity or at home as an extra bed.

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air MattressQueen size is ideal for couples who want to have a spacious space to rest after having a much occupied day.

I love this mattress because it is flocked on top and has a coiled system that helps one to slide compactly and enables the whole body to be laid perfectly. The fabric and the sides are very thick and strongly attaches to the ground.

It is pumped using a rechargeable electric pump that comes with a wall adapter or a car adapter.


  • Carrying the mattress all around makes it easier since its pump is small and light.
  • Deflation is very easy with a flip of switch.
  • It can be used while still charging if need be.


  • Pump is very loud and noisy.
  • It is difficult to know whether the pump is fully charged since it has no indicator.

5. Coleman Air Mattress – Extra Height

Ideally this mattress is super for all nights, has a velvet plush top that creates soft feel on your skin and a flocked top that keeps your sheets in comes with a built in 120v pump for inflating air.

Coleman Air Mattress for Car CampingOnce you have achieved the perfect firmness be assure it is more comfortable than your bed at home. It quite high when inflated getting on top and out is not a struggle .Actually elderly couples or campers should opt for this.

This Coleman Air Mattress somehow resembles the AeroBed Double Flocked Camp bed mattress.



  • Attached pump is so convenient.
  • Great height that prevents cold.
  • Pump is very great for adjusting firmness.


  • You have to turn it off once it achieves considerable firmness.

6. Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Camper Duo – Double Sleeping Pads

Apparently this is another unique mattress I have across because it’s a double mattress. It has two independent chambers NeoAir pads where each of you can inflate in his/her side.

Inflating can be filled using mouth or using a Mini Neo pump.

This mattress creates a consistent sleeping surface that is totally gap free that prevents bouncing your partner during the night. To add, it has horizontal baffles that offers very steady support, awesome for side sleepers and also for couples who loves comfort.

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Camper is the best camping mattress pad due to its unique design and build quality.

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Camper DuoPros

  • Very comfortable.
  • Good inflation and deflation valve.
  • Offers maximum warmth for the weight.
  • Easy to fold up into the bag back.


  • Tiring to blow using mouth.

Final Remarks

Having a look at the above type of mattresses camping should never be a worry when it comes to sleep.

I would advise you to invest your time and money and get a good mattress because at the end of the adventure you will need somewhere to lay your body to rest.

Choose an ideal air mattress or air pad and I assure you the best of nights during camping. Good mattress equals better sleep ,better health and a better life!

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