Best Overland Shovels in 2022

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An overland shovel is a very essential equipment that is needed while going on any overland adventure. Nobody would ever want to find themselves stuck in a very dangerous environment or just somewhere strange. The best overland shovel is capable of breaking the tough soils, sand, mud or in some cases, break the snow.

Most people especially to those who explore areas with rough roads or places that are affected by snow should never miss carrying a recovery shovel along. The shovel never misses on my Fj Cruiser when going on any trip next to my rooftop tent.

Did you know that an overland shovel has so many uses that one would never think of? Here are some of the reasons why a shovel is important and how you can survive with it.


Uses of an Overland Shovel

  • Clear a bush for an overland truck or tent
  • Digging a latrine
  • Building a fireplace and also putting out a fire
  • Helping break the soil or mud when a vehicle is stuck
  • Can be used to stack loose rocks to improve the trucks approach angle

Factors to Consider While Choosing A Good Overland Shovel

Blade type – to be sincere, if we compare a sharp pointed blade and a flat blade the sharp-pointed one will be more effective at penetrating the ground or even hard soils that are difficult to break. Super Shovel by Krazy Beaver does a tremendous job in this because of its spikes.

Handle – mostly shovel handles are mainly made from fiberglass, wood, steel, or aluminum. Every material has its own added advantage over the other. Fiberglass and aluminum are more strong and durable, they can last longer. The wooden handle is still okay and very nice and the best thing I love about is that it can easily be replaced and can be easily found in various stores. On to the steel handle, I would not recommend it because it rusts unless if it’s stainless steel.

Grip type – there are two main types of grips in a shovel a T- shape grip and a D-shape grip. Pretty exciting I prefer the D-shape grip handle more it feels more comfortable and seems easy to hold and work with especially at a point where you need to apply more force eg like when uprooting deep-rooted plants. The T-shape grip handle is also incredible because people with small or big hands are comfortable using it because they might end up not fitting into the D-grip shape.

Shovel length-a long shovel tends to be lighter and also is so ample to work with since there will be less bending and one can work while upright. A short one is as well not bad especially for short people and it also becomes so handy to work is nice to choose the right length or adjust to the preferred length according to who is using it.

Comparison Table Of Best Overland Shovels

Overland Shovel Material Product Dimension Weight
Super Shovel by Krazy beaver Tempered steel 39.5×8.5×4.5 inches 4.49 pounds
Tyger Auto shovel Carbon steel 10x6x2 inches 3 pounds
Rhino USA offroad shovel Carbon steel 24x6x3 inches 2.65lbs
Lunio folding shovel Carbon steel 37.99×6.22×1.89 inches 2.2kgs
Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel Martensitic steel 11.85×8.74×4.29 inches 4.86pounds


Best Overland Shovels

1. Krazy Beaver Shovel

Krazy Beaver Shovel is perfect for digging tough jobs and breaking through hard soil or ice. I like its rugged design and sharp teeth, it is a very good tool for overlanding and camping.

It has a D-grip shape at the handle which is made from a solid polymer. Near the handle, it has a hollow compartment that is used to store emergency essentials such as matches, batteries, and any other tiny stuff.

best overland shovel

The length of the handle is 40 inches which so impressive meaning one does not have to do a lot of bending and straining while working. Like a beaver (the rodent), this overland shovel can gnaw through anything. It closely resembles a Shovel Tec Overland Shovel.

The Crazy Beaver is without doubt the ultimate best overland shovel based on a personal experience and popular opinion across overlanding communities.

Pros of Krazy Beaver Shovel

  • Well-built and strong.
  • Have very sharp and rugged teeth.
  • The hollow compartment near the handle can be used as storage.
  • Powder-coated to prevent rust.

Cons of Krazy Beaver Shovel

  • A bit pricey
  • Accidentally the sharp teeth can hurt someone’s skin.

2. Tyger Auto Shovel

This shovel is a 16 in1 tool, by saying this I mean it has so many parts inside and thus can perform different tasks and can rescue you from almost any type of situation.

More amazing, the sides of the blade have a saw-like and an ax-like feature which can also accomplish another task. It has also extra tools inside that are a bottle opener, a firelighter, a knife, a screwdriver, an ice pick, a disgorger, a hacksaw, and also a whistle. I believe if you’re looking for a multifunctional shovel this one is the best choice.

This is a military grade shovel. The blade can easily be angled depending on the task you want to perform, it can be a hoe, a shovel, or a hook. The back of the blade is very solid and can be used as a hammer and can help in fixing things too.

The blade is made up of solid carbon steel, tubes are made of anodized aluminum, and the shovels have an instant switch mechanism.

Tyger Auto Shovel can be adjusted to your preferred length that is 24.4 inches,30.5 inches, and the longest length is 36.6inch.  If you are looking for an overland shovel and axe in one, go for Tyger Auto Shovel.

Pros of Tyger Auto Shovel

  • It is a multipurpose shovel
  • Easily adjusted to the desired size
  • Blade and handle are durable.
  • Very portable can be dismantled and carried in its bag.

Cons of Tyger Auto Shovel

  • Quite expensive

You can check the current price of Tyger Auto Shovel or order on Amazon.

3. Rhino USA Offroad Shovel

The shovel was launched by a father and son from California. The shovel is very compact and portable it can extend up to 23 inches, thus not very long.

It weighs approximately 2.65lbs and thus light and portable I mean it. Don’t forget the shovel can be folded up to 9”x6” and comes with a carrying pouch for easy and convenient storage.

Rhino USA Offroad Shovel

The sides of the shovel are rugged saw teeth and a tough pickaxe this is very nice especially for breaking snowbanks. This is top survival shovel for offroad applications.

Pros of Rhino USA Offroad Shovel

  • Easily folds back into the pouch
  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • Serrated edges that cut into the ground very easily
  • Works as hoe too

Cons of Rhino USA Offroad Shovel

  • Too short and can cause too much stretch and strain while working

4. Iunio Folding Shovel

Everything about this shovel is just phenomenal, for every multifunctional shovel is a yes for me. An Iunio folding shovel is a tool that every car or truck must have.

It is made of extra density that is strong enough to endure any condition. You should not be worried about the weight because it weighs 4.6 pounds which is not heavy as you expect it to be.

The shovel has extension bars that are connected to an average height as you prefer. It also comes with so many other parts such as a whistle, bottle opener, pickax, ice ax, hammer screwdriver, and many others.

Pros of Iunio Folding Shovel

  • Heavy-duty shovel
  • Very ideal for tons of work
  • Has extension bars to provide good height

Cons of Iunio Folding Shovel

  • Rubber on the handle grip breaks and can be sticky thus uncomfortable to use

5. Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel

This shovel is recommended for person who is looking for a good survival shovel here is the thing.

Zune Lotoo Shovel is made of martensitic stainless steel, has 23 in one tools in it, and has a ton of uses. The shovel has multiple tactical functions such it can be used in a road trip, in the forest, desert, glacier, and while camping.

The shovel is very foldable and portable it can be carried in a backpack. It digs faster than others because it has a well-founded thickness on blades. It can also be used as a jack since you can change to any position you would wish to.

Pros of Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel

  • Multipurpose shovel
  • Strong and very durable
  • Compatible and lightweight
  • Operational to campers

Cons of Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel

  • Quite expensive (because it comes as a full survival kit)

Closing Remarks

Having used various types of overland shovels in my adventures, I believe it’s better to be prepared than sorry.  To conquer your adventures, travel while armed rather than getting stuck.

Most overland shovels can easily be mounted on one’s vehicle rack or side ( using a 4×4 shovel mount like this one) even packed compactly in their cases. Most of the shovels do not occupy much thus one should not be worried about the storage.

The bottom line, don’t forget that an overland shovel is a tool like any other and it needs to be properly maintained and taken good care of for it to remain in a good condition and work properly.

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