Best Tents for Bike Touring in 2022

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Suppose you are planning for an adventurous trip in the wilds of the jungle and you are extremely excited to go solo and live between the beauty of nature and experience the wild from a close eye. But you know that there are no hotels in the wilderness, right? So having a tent when you are on a bike tour is very necessary. If you are looking for some of the best tents for a bike tour, you have reached the correct article. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best tents that you can take while bike touring and this article will help you choose the correct product for you by measuring the pros and cons of each. It is time that you find a suitable shelter for yourself in which you can rest after a tiring day of exploring the wilderness. 

But the major question that arises in this scenario is that what is the best tent for bike touring? The answer to this question is that the best tent is the one that can be easily packed and become small enough so that you can carry it with you on the handlebars of your bike. It should also be lightweight because you shouldn’t have to burden yourself with the weight of the tent. And the last major factor is that it should be able to surpass all the extreme weather conditions. It should protect you from any harsh weather be it rain, strong winds or warm summer nights. In this article, we have kept many options for you to figure out the tent you want. So let us get started with it.

Here is the list of the best tents that we have picked for you. We have listed the features, pros and cons of the product so that you can decide which product you like the best and click on the link to buy it immediately. So let us begin listing down the products. 


RaynTek Outdoor 2 Person Backpacking Tent

This biking tent from RaynTek has a setup that’s ultralight in weight. The fabric used to make this tent is tear-resistant and also waterproof. You also get the vents on both sides of the tent that adds to the airflow. The comfort and breathability are enhanced by the micro-mesh fabric of the tent. If you want to look at the stars while sleeping, you can easily remove the rainfly. There are two D-shaped doors provided in the tent. There are straight walls so that you can have more space inside. There is a gear loft provided in the ceiling and pockets on the side for you to store your valuables. The stitching done on the tent is weather-protected and seam-taped. To protect you from the wet grounds, the flooring of the tent is designed in a seamless tub shape so that it gets elevated. There are also zippers provided that are strong and sturdy. A single person can easily set up the tent within 3 minutes. There is a single aluminium pole that is used for easy set-up and packing up. The tent can withstand all the 3 seasons. 

Pros –

  1. There is no weight limit for the person sitting inside.
  2. The tent can be used by 2 people.
  3. The tent is totally worth the value of money. 
  4. The side pockets are big enough to store things. 
  5. The cross ventilation feature also works very well.

Cons –

  1. The weight can be of a little issue if you are considering it for a moto camping trip. 
  2. The material that has been used in the tent is quite thin. 

Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent

This two-person backpacking tent is a durable product and can be conveniently used for backpacking, camping, hiking, mountaineering and also car camping too. The material used to make this product is polyester. It comes in a granite colour. Being lightweight and tear-resistant, you can easily carry it around. The fabric of the tent is waterproof which keeps you dry on the inside. The comfort and the breathability are much more enhanced within the tent due to the micro-mesh fabric that’s been used. It has enough to easily accommodate two people. You will have enough space for your gear as it comes with two doors and two vestibules. The stitching is seam taped so you do not have to worry about the water getting inside. The floor of the tent is designed in a Bathtub design to protect you from wet grounds. The tent comes with a single pole to support the tent. The tent can be easily relocated as there will be no issues moving it. You can easily use it in all 3 seasons. The tent is backed up with a limited lifetime manufacturing warranty period to ensure that you do not have to worry about the product. 

Pros –

  1. The quality of the product is without any doubt amazing.
  2. The aluminium pole that comes with the tent is durable, strong and nicely made.
  3. The set-up of the tent is very easy.
  4. The weight of the tent without a footprint is 3.8 lbs.
  5. The vestibules and the tent have enough space inside for you to store your valuables and you to sleep comfortably.

Cons –

  1. You might feel some issues while sleeping with the fly on.
  2. It is a bit difficult to put it back in the bag.

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2

The weight of the tent is only 5.93 lbs. The no-see-um mesh walls are very durable and the set-up is free-standing ultralight. There is only 1 pole set up of the tent which can be clipped. You can conveniently use this tent in all the 3 seasons. The tent has PU 5000 footprint and a mesh detachable ceiling loft pocket which comes included with the product. The wall is nearly vertical and it helps to maximize the space inside. The flooring is seam taped to keep the water out. There are two doors, corner pockets and two vestibules designed in the tent for you to keep your things and access to them is easy. The carrying sack that comes with the tent can be used to pack small things. It can be used for backpacking, camping, hiking as well as backpacking trips. 

Pros –

  1. The things like weight, easy usage and durability are things that are amazing.
  2. With this tent, you can take the main tent down while keeping the rainfly up.
  3. The tent remains dry even when there’s a lot of rain.
  4. The design of the tent is well constructed.
  5. The mesh is tight and keeps all the bugs out.

Cons –

  1. Packing back the whole content is a bit difficult.
  2. The material of the floor is tina and fragile.


The polyester fabric used to make the tent is waterproof. It can easily withstand 2500mm rainfall. The weight of the tent is only 3.96 lbs and can be easily used for backpacking travel. The tent is spacious and comfortable enough for a single person. The tent includes a footprint that can also be separately used as a picnic blanket also. It can also be used to make it a sunshade with the rain flysheet to be used together. It can be used in all the 3 seasons. There are big pockets on both sides of the tent which can be accessed conveniently. The mesh on the ceiling can be used to keep the light stuff. The ceiling is half mash which can be used easily to gaze at the sky. There is also a repair kit and includes pole clips and some repair fabric too. This kit helps you do such simple matters by yourself. 

Pros –

  1. The tent stays firmly in the strong winds. 
  2. The waterproof feature keeps the tent dry even when it is raining heavily.
  3. There is enough space inside the tent for one person with gears.
  4. The set-up is also very easy and can be done within minutes.
  5. Such quality of the product at such a price is great.

Cons –

  1. When attached to the poles, the dimensions of the tent reduce a lot.
  2. It can be a bit inconvenient for tall people. 

Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel Bikepack

The tent is light enough in weight and strong enough for carrying it around on your bike. You shouldn’t worry about it getting dirty because the sack is designed as such that it can withstand all the trails of the travel. The design of the bag is made so that it will save the maximum amount of savings. The symmetrical pole structure and the pre-bent poles that come with the tent are used to increase the headspace of the tent. The new lighter and stronger dirt dagger stakes of the tent are made of aluminium. The guy lines are reflective and easy to pitch at any time of the day. There are also tensioners attached to the fly of the tent. There is also a stash helmet on the exterior part of the tent that uses elastic webbing. There are also extended footprints in the tent that can be used to create flooring for dry and dirt-free changing of yours and also it is storage for gear too. The ceiling pocket is oversized. All the products of this company are guaranteed if there is any defect in manufacturing or the material. You can also extend the floor tent with a footprint. 

Pros –

  1. This tent is like the wish come true for a bike packer. 
  2. The tent is trail ready.
  3. It has enough space for your gear and is strong enough.
  4. The product comes with a guarantee and can be replaced if it comes defective.

Naturehike Backpacking Camping Tent

The fabric of the tent is 20D nylon and is coated with silicone. It is large enough for a single person. The vestibule is long enough for you to store your vestibules. When you consider this tent for one person, it is the lightest one. The fabric is waterproof and durable providing excellent protection from the wind, rain and snow. The bag that comes with the product can be used to store the product easily. It is suitable enough for all four seasons. The aluminium poles that are there with the product make the setting up of the tent quick and easy. The time taken is only2 minutes. The tent is backed up with a warranty of a limited lifetime. 

Pros –

  1. The tent can easily be kept in the backpack without filling it completely. 
  2. The space inside the tent is spacious enough for a person.
  3. The durability of the tent is also great and the stitching is strong.
  4. It can be used for all the activities like camping, hiking, cycling and many more such. 
  5. The set-up can be done easily by a single person within a few minutes.

Cons –

  1. Pulling out the product becomes a bit difficult.
  2. If there is a strong wind, it might blow through it.

Clostnature 1-Person Tent for Backpacking

This tent from Clostnature keeps you safe inside and away from all the elements. The polyester coating is waterproof. The building is firmer than you can expect. The seam stitching of the product will help you remain dry and comfortable however the weather outside is. This tent is suitable for backpacking and is lightweight to be carried easily. The weight and the overall portability of the product are some major factors to consider while purchasing a tent for bike touring and this is surely the best one. It only weighs 3.7 lbs. The interior of the tent is spacious enough for you to stay. It is very easy to set up and takedown. The aluminium poles help in fast pitching. Even if you have no experience then also you can set up the tent without any help. The mesh walls offer a great amount of ventilation throughout the tent. The D shaped door and vestibules help you enter and exit easily.  The product you purchase comes with a lifetime warranty period. 

Pros –

  1. At such a low price, the product’s build is really good.
  2. The setting up of the tent takes place in a breeze. 
  3. Even with the rainfly on, the ventilation through the tent was very good. 
  4. There is enough space for our luggage and your valuable items.
  5. It is suitable for a person who is going for solo travelling.

Cons –

  1. The instructions present in the manual are a bit confusing.
  2. The tent might slip from the poles.

Nylon Ultralight Backpacking Tent

The tent from Top lander is waterproof like all the products that we have recommended to you. The 20D nylon fabric of the tent is coated with 5000mm silicone. The flooring of the tent is made of 210T polyster and has a waterproof index of PU800mm. The sealing is done with seam-taped which prevents the tent from leaking if in case it rains. The polyester makes the tent breathable and the mesh made of nylon is of premium quality. The material of which the tent is made is ultra-light in weight making it very easy to be carried by a single person. The tent is not only compact but also durable. The poles for the vestibule aren’t included. The assembling of the tent is very easy and the instructions are provided inside the bag. It is a free-standing tent which makes it easy to move from one place to another. There is one door and one vestibule which provides you with enough space to keep your gear. The windows present on both sides helps in increasing the ventilation and also reduces the condensation. You do not have to worry about the conditions as you can use it in any condition. You can take it for hiking, climbing, bikepacking as well as motorcycle or camping. 

Pros –

  1. The set-up of the tent is very easy.
  2. It opens up on both sides.
  3. It can be conveniently used for two-person also.
  4. The low weight of the tenth makes it easy to manage.
  5. The headroom and sleeping space is enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should a tent with no condensation be purchased?

Ans  – You can expect the condensation features to be present in the tents that you purchase. The factors that can lead to condensation are the presence of a high amount of humidity or lack of fresh air outside the tent where you are. It would be better if you could protect yourself inside the tent coming from your breath, the ground as well as the wet clothes that you have because of doing the outdoor activities. There is an effective method by which you can limit the condensation inside. The method is for you to pick that material which is made from high-quality. You must keep in mind that there are vents for individuals when the tent is in usage.

  1. How long does a tent last?

Ans – The time for which you use the tent defines the time for which the tent lasts. UV radiation is the biggest enemy of a tent. If you are using the tent in high altitudes then there is a possibility that it may only last for a period of a few months. If you take enough care of the tent then it will last for many years and also when the conditions you use it in are normal and not much extreme. 

  1. How can you make maintenance for your tent?

Ans – Try keeping the tent clean and packing it when there is no dirt on it. If you keep the tent humid then there is a possibility that mildew might grow on it. This will result in the staining and breaking of the tent. The waterproof coating of the tent might break because of this thing. If you want ro use it for a long term period, then you should keep it dry and also avoid keeping it in direct sunlight. Do not keep it in the sack that comes with the product. Instead keep it outside. 

  1. How to repair the tears of the tent?

Ans – there are some alternatives that you can use to do the minor repairs in the tent. You do get some waterproof and self-adhesive patches for all the types of fabrics and the mesh that is used in the production of your tent. For small holes, you can use small sealant.


In this article we have provided you with almost all the information that you require for knowing everything about the tents that can be used while you go on a biking tour. There are some important things for you to remember when you go on buying such a tent. You should remember that it can be used in all the seasons and even surpass extreme weather conditions. The tent should also be light in weight so that it can be carried easily on your bike. The space inside the tent is also a major factor for you to keep in mind. The tent shouldn’t suffocate you when you come back from a long tiring day. Instead, it should provide you comfort and ease so that you get yourself prepared for the next day full of adventures. We hope that you were able to find everything you were looking for through this article and you would be able to pick out the best product for yourself. 

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