Best Kids Hiking Backpack in 2022

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You are all set to go on a hiking trip with your kids but what about their luggage? They need a backpack, right? And they need a backpack that is not big enough so they can’t carry it because after all, they are kids. When you have to pick out the best backpack for your kids, it can be quite an overwhelming task and it does need the appropriate amount of attention. There are so many choices that you have in the market with a variety of features. When you are backpacking l with your family, you need to know which is the best backpack for your kids. That is why we have brought this article in which you will get a list of the 10 best backpacks out of which you can choose and click on the link to add that to your cart immediately. 

Here are the best products that we have in front of you. The recommendations suggested below are the ones that have amazing features in them so that you can select the correct product for your kid. So let us begin with it. 


Deuter Unisex Kid’s Daypack, Azure Lapis

This bag for kids comes in 5 different bright colours. The material used to make them is 100% Polyester. The bag is designed for the age group of 2+ kids. The bag is so brightly coloured that it will help you spot your kid easily playing around. The patterns on it are of animal that adds to the show of it. The shoulder straps are S-shaped and padded. They have soft edges and can be easily adjusted. They also have a chest strap feature that allows your kid to carry the load with extra support. There are mesh pockets on the side that allows your kids to keep their snacks or treasures safely. The main compartment of the bag is easily accessible and has a curved zipper. It is kid-friendly as the buckles are made in such away. There is also a name label on the inside. It is lightweight and has a waterproof coating. The volume is 5L.

Pros –

  1. The design of the bag is reflective and suitable for kids.
  2. The sternum strap of the bag is adjustable.
  3.  Easy to clean and tough material.
  4. The mesh pockets are toddler friendly and there are zipper pulls.

Cons –

  1. The size is a bit small.
  2. The size of the elastic pockets is not big enough to fit a water bottle.

CamelBak 2018 Kid’s Scout Hydration Pack, 50oz

When we talk about this bag, it comes in two bright colours – blue and purple. It is a suitable product for kids between 4-7 age. The volume of the bag is 12.5 litres. The weight is just 11 oz which means that it won’t be a bulky one to carry. The carrying capacity of this backpack is great. When the bag is fully loaded with stuff and then also you add a water bottle to it, in total it weighs only 5 lbs. It won’t let the bag flop around because it has a strap. It looks so great that your kid likes carrying his own stuff. The mesh back panel makes the bag breathable as well as lightweight. It will also fit onto your kid’s back very comfortably. The accent is reflectable so that the bag is clearly visible in a low-light environment. The external pockets are transparent that lets you personalize your pack.

Pros –

  1. It can store a lot of things than a regular bag.
  2. There are so many pockets internally, externally and even an internal zipper pocket.
  3. The hose doesn’t dangle till the knees of the kids and the length is appropriate.
  4. The accents are reflective so that you can spot your bag in the dark.

Cons –

  1. There is no elastic or velcro to keep the loose end of the strap rolled up.
  2. The straps of the bag are too wide and are sewn very close to each other,
  3. It is a little expensive.

Deuter Junior Kid’s Backpack for School and Hiking

This bag has an adjustable S-shaped design. The straps of the bag are made in such a way that they relieve the neck strain. It is usable for kids above 5 years of age. The bag is secure and snug. It offers effective ventilation. The wide air mesh lining reduces the contact surface. It also helps in optimizing circulation. Even while keeping the load close to the body, it helps to increase ventilation. There are mesh pockets on the side. There are 2 front pockets also in which various things can be kept. The bag is crafted using 600D PES which makes it robust as well as lightweight. There is a reflector that increases the visibility of the bag. The buckles are kid-friendly and are easy to use. The volume of the bag is 18 litres. The weight of the bag is 14.8 oz.

Pros –

  1. The fit on the back is very well and comfortable on the shoulders of your kid.
  2. There is a zippered pocket in the front that allows your kid to keep small items. 
  3. There are two water bottle pockets on the sides of the bag.
  4. You can easily loosen or tighten it according to the comfort of your child.

Cons –

  1. It is a small bag for an eight-year-old kid.
  2. The chest strap does not have an elastic.
  3. Not a reasonable product for the price it has.

Hydrajet 12 Kid’s Hydration Backpack, Cosmic Red

This bag has a volume of 12 litres and the weight is 0.84 lbs. It is a suitable product for the children of age group 4-12. The main compartment of the bag is like a wide-mouth bucket styled space. The Hydraulics LT 1.5L reservoir is included in this. There is no quick connection available. The side pockets are of a dual stretch and the bag has a large front pocket. There is also a small external zippered pocket that allows your kid to keep his/her small items. There are lower web-loop daisy chain attachment points. The bag contains those materials that are GRS certified and recycled. The shape of the bag is such that it can store a lot of items in it. The fit of the bag is close to the body which enables your kid to bike or hikes comfortably.

Pros – 

  1. It is suitable for active pursuits as it has a streamlined fit.
  2. The pockets are power meshed especially the pocket present in the centre.
  3. There is also a hydration reservoir included in the bag which is easy to fill and doesn’t even leak.
  4. The straps are fleece-lined that provide comfort.

Cons –

  1. The customer service is not good.
  2. There is no stabilizing of the waistband and the hip pocket.
  3. There is no built-in rain cover that comes with the bag. 

Gregory Mountain Products Nano 16 Everyday Outdoor Backpack

This bag is suitable for children above 10 years of age. The weight is 12.8 oz and the volume of the bag is 16 litres. It is a great product if you are looking for a product for your kid who is a bit older in age. There is hydration reservoir compatibility in the bag and it has a comfortable back panel. This allows it to be an excellent option for hiking if you are planning to do it in the day or for your adventures every day. The quality of the product is great. There are several appealing options available in this bag. The colours will make the preteens and teens love the bag. Versatility was kept in mind during the construction of the bag. It can easily be expanded as your child grows in size. 

Pros –

  1. There is an internal hydration reservoir present with the hydration port in the bag.
  2. The top pocket of the bag is zippered.
  3. The back panel of the bag is breathable and die-cut.
  4. There is also an adjustable sternum strap with the bag.

Cons –

  1. The mesh side pockets are not sturdy at all.
  2. There is no support on the middle strap.
  3. The strap digs on the shoulder.

Osprey Jet 18 Kid’s Hiking Backpack

This bag is suitable for kids between the ages of 6 to 12. The weight is just 1.14 lbs and the volume of the bag is 18 litres. The bag has simple built but has one of the greatest strengths in terms of the bag available in the market. The carrying capacity of the bag is just the right amount. The opening of the bag is like a large bucket style. There is an external sleeve with the bag which acts as a hydration reservoir. The bag also allows ventilation on the sides of the bag. The airspace back panel present in the bag is unique. It is a very functional product. This bag is very comfortable when used. 

Pros –

  1. It is light in weight.
  2. There is a reservoir sleeve in the bag.
  3. The back panel is breathable.
  4. The bag comes with a chest clip and waist belt.

Cons –

  1. The padded lid is sewed on one side and not adjustable.
  2. The sleeping bag of kid-sized cannot fit into it.
  3. The straps are present very close to the neck.

Cotopaxi Batac Pack

This backpack is also for kids who are above the age of 10. The weight is 12 oz and the volume is 16 litres. It is a very great choice if you want to take this bag for an everyday adventure for the older kids. The bag pack is an environmental product and the material that is used to make it is made of remnant materials. This bag also helps you to help reduce waste. There are many colour combinations in the product available in the market. None of the backpacks looks the same. The backpacks are very light in weight. When you are travelling or hiking, it is a bag for stowing in larger bags. If you want a go-to bag that can be easily used for adventures, hiking and more such activities, this is the best product that is available for you in the market.

Pros – 

  1. The bag has an adjustable sternum strap.
  2. The shoulder straps are ultralight and are made of mesh.
  3. The design of the bag is ultralight.
  4. For everyday adventures, it is a great product.

Cons –

  1. The product is not durable.
  2. The sternum strap is tight.
  3. The design is such that when the bag is on your back, the water bottle cannot be removed from it.

KUYOU Hydration Water Backpack

This backpack has a thick insulation layer. There is an insulated bladder compartment in the bag that helps you keep your drink either hot or cold for up to 4 hours. There is also a built-in clip that allows you to fix the water bladder in position. The weight of the bag is 16 oz and comes with a 2 litres water bladder pouch. The bag adopts the anti-splash water surface. It is a bag specifically designed for those people who want to stand out from the next carnival. Premium TPU material is used to make the water bladder. The bag has a large opening. The design of the bag is ergonomic which allows it to fit comfortably on your kid’s shoulders, chest and waist. The 3 straps reduces the bouncing of the bag. The air mesh backs allow speedy airflow and keep your back cool. The shoulder straps are foamed and padded. The bag is safe for kids. It is a perfect one for hiking, cycling and kayaking. 

Pros –

  1. The waist strap is long enough to expand.
  2. It has very attractive colour options.
  3. The water bag has a buckle so that it stays fixed when you are camping.

Cons –

  1. It is hard to drink for the adults from the water bladder.
  2. You would have to go through the trouble to drink from it.
  3. The water hose is too short. 

Venture Pal Ultralight Lightweight Packable Foldable

The bag is of high quality is tear and water-resistant. It has extra length and provides long-lasting performance. It is light in weight and the double-layered bottom of the bag is such that it allows your kid to carry the extra load on his back without having to face any inconvenience. The zippers are two-way and heavy duty. There are bar-tacks present on the stress points of the bag. The shoulder straps have a sponge padding that makes them breathable and can be adjusted easily. The whistle buckle of the bag allows you to lock it in place. There is one main compartment and there is a front pocket and two side pockets. The main compartment of the bag has a space of 35 litres. There are two separators in the main compartment so that the stuff can be kept organized. The pockets are accessible and the side pockets are good enough to hold water and umbrella too. The bag is space saver. The size of the bag is so compact that it can be kept folded and can fit anywhere. When you need to use it, you can easily unpack it and turn it into a backpack instantly. It is a must have product is you are going on a trip. It has a lot of features and a lot of space so that your kid can carry all the things of his necessity in a single bag. 

Pros –

  1. The bag can be carried easily on your back without feeling any extra load. 
  2. There are mesh pockets on both the side which allows keep things securely.
  3. The fact that the bag can be folded up easily in its own pocket is very helpful.

Cons –

  1. The interior of the bag isn’t strong enough.
  2. There is no weight distribution of the things you keep in the bag.
  3. The quality of zippers is not good.

Small Size Waterproof Sport Backpack

The material from this bag is made of polyester and nylon. It is an imported product and has a nylon lining. The strength of the is high-quality nylon. It has a waterproof coating and resists the tear and abrasion. The material is durable, waterproof as well as lightweight. The capacity of the bag is 10 litres. It is a suitable product with a maximum length of 10 inches. It is considered suitable for the children under the age 5 years. It can be useful for a kid whose height is under 4 feet. The product is a perfect one for hiking, cycling, camping and other various activities.

Pros –

  1. This bag is a compact one and can keep all your stuff from small to large. 
  2. The colour choices of the product are very cool.
  3. The material of the bag is of high quality.
  4. The part of the bag that touches the back is breathable and padded.

Cons –

  1. The shoulder straps aren’t long enough.
  2. It is not waterproof.
  3. The flap present over the zipper is such that it makes it difficult for a child to zip and unzip the bag.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What speciality should the bag have when it is being used for a kid?

Answer – Yes you should buy special things for your kids when you are taking them for hiking. If your kid is new at hiking then you should buy the things that are of a small nature. As they get used to and better at hiking, they feel ownership when they get a new gear for their hiking trips. This also helps them generate a hobby and can lead to a lot of excitement. There are a lot of things available in the market which are made specially for the kids for them to use it on hiking trips. If you buy them expensive things, then ake sure that they prove to be helpful in the near future. 

  1. How much weight should a child carry?

Answer – When your kid is new at hiking, don’t let them carry a bulky amount of stuff. You should allow even your young children to carry their own luggage and supplies so that they get used to hiking and get involved in that activity. But the worst thing that they would have to face is weigh them down and tire them out because of the bulky stuff. Adding items and more weight as they grow with age and develop better skills would be a bit helpful for them. You shouldn’t force a bulk on your kids until they don’t want to.

  1. Till how far should the kids ride?

Answer – Do not make your children overburdened with the trek and allow them to go as far as they are able to. They shouldn’t become overly tired, sick and cranky or even recalcitrant. Once you take them once or twice on hiking, you would probably won’t be able to know what is their sweet spot. So you should choose those trails that are easy and close to home. 


Now we have come to an end of this article and we hope that you would have picked up the best product out of all the backpacks for your kids. There are many things that are important when you buy a bag for your kid because he/she might be the one who is starting to learn how to hike. So you must know things like the weight, material, pockets and such which are of a major concern. So you must pick out the product that stands on all the terms. Your kids are precious and should be treated so. We hope that you pick the bag that is the most suitable and looks good on your kids back. 

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