Top 5 Best Roof Top Tents for FJ Cruiser (Below the Roof Rack Capacity)

Smittybilt 2883 Rooftop Tent on FJ Cruiser

An FJ is a great over-landing vehicle. However, to have a great outdoor experience, you need the best roof top tent for the FJ Cruiser because not all tents work well with this beast. Roof top tents are amazing especially for those who love camping or just doing outdoor activities. They allow you to park … Read more

Top 5 Best Rechargeable Camping Lanterns (Portable Light)

Best Rechargeable Camping Lantern

A camping lantern is one of the most essential items for any camping enthusiast due to their usefulness. Based on my camping experience, I am going to reveal to you the best rechargeable camping lanterns of all time. Camping lanterns are very helpful in providing light inside a tent as well as lighting one’s path … Read more

Do Small Propane Tanks Expire? (Years of Service)

Do small propane tanks expire

It is spring or early fall, the flowers are blooming and the weather is right for outdoor activities. You have been waiting for this opportunity to do some camping coupled with bird watching, fishing, or even some hiking. It time to check the condition of those small propane tanks. Nothing compares to a nice warm … Read more