“The tranquility that comes with camping in the wild is unexplainable “

– Antony Michael

Antony Michael of Camping Challenge next to a rooftop tent

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How to shower when car camping
How To Shower When Car Camping

Showering at home is pretty easy. But how exactly can one shower when car camping? Don’t worry because we found out several options.

Best Roof Top Tents for FJ Cruiser

An FJ Cruiser is great overlanding vehicle. However to have a great outdoor experience, you need the best roof top tent for the FJ because not all tents work well with this beast.

Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Reviews

When selecting a roof top tent, one can either choose to go with a hard shell or a soft shell roof top tent. One of the main advantages of hard shell tents is the aerodynamic design which minimizes resistance.

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